Cypher's Journey is all about merging history with adventure. So we are looking for what you think is the best little known historical story. The winner will get a expenses paid trip to a one of the historical sites showcased in Cypher's Journey: Among Kings and Queens.


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The concept of Cypher’s Journey: Among Kings and Queens is to bring a high standard of storytelling and learning through action packed cut scenes and third person discovery made famous by Assassin’s Creed Origins: Discovery Tour. The game’s predecessor, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, has really set the standard for high energy, engaging action with puzzle elements. Cypher’s Journey feels like a natural progression of this style of game, advancing on the stellar formula, Assassin’s Creed is innovating.


You can expect an in depth and involving experience. This game prides itself on a fantastic story blurring the line between being an interactive movie at times. You play as one of several time traveling Rangers: Free Jones, Erika West, LaDante Book-er, Arisanna Silva or Jaquar Oma’teKlan. The player will be dropped into immersive real world locations, resolving to aid and rescue their team leader, Journey Jones, a brilliant archaeologist, whose lost in ancient man’s oft untold history.


Cypher’s Journey has a linear story in the sense that there is a strict path to follow within the level but it allows for ample explorations as there are treasures to collect through out. As players collect treasures, they earn Knowledge Tokens that they can exchange for items that will increase their character’s abilities.