Our Mission

Our mission is to empower both youth and adults with the ability to realize the full promise of their enormous human potential.












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Learning next generation tools such as C++ and Python coding thru the fun world of Game Design to unlock your family’s future and making your life more prosperous.












The Light of A Different Sun

Uncovering and educating them on their past, using factual data, which allows them to imagine themselves under a different Sun by providing free tools.









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An Empowerment Platform

Founded by Filmmakers Joddy Eric Matthews and Christopher Kennedy,
ARisemedia360 and its divisions, HOVA360 and ARiseGames represent
a complete empowerment platform, enabling both children and parents,
old and young to access a multitude of tools thru Gaming, Cinematic
Storytelling and online learning, uniquely positioned to assist them
to unlock their full potential.




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Why History Matters

"A majority of employers agree that specific knowledge, historical awareness and a broad range of skills are necessary for advancement and long-term career success."

- Job Internship Workshop Presentation & Study, Western Washington University -

Factual Content

We get our history from actual scientist! We include references and footnotes.

Feature Availability

There is not a Learning Platform equivalent that surpasses the instant functionality and capability of HOVA360.

Learn Coding

Learning next generation tools such as C++ and Python coding thru the fun world of Game Design to unlock your family’s future and making your life more prosperous.

Customer support

We continuously update the Platform and strive to provide a satisfactory experience


Everyone learns in a different way. We work hard to provide learning for multiple age groups, available in multiple formats such as Podcast, Audio, Interactive Courses, Video and Text

Positively Focused

Knowledge is Power! The more you know, the greater control you have over your life


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