5 Happiness Hacks That’ll Help You Live Your Best Life

Battle-Tested Ways to Make You a Happier Person

Alright, so just by being born, stress becomes a part of our life. Whether it’s worrying about how to convince mom or dad that they can trust you with the new car to figuring out a way to keep the bills paid and the lights on, stress can come in many different shapes and forms (even more so for a person of color).

So how do you deal with all the drama? How can you just find a way to live your best life?

While it’s not easy, there are things that you and your loved ones can practice that are guaranteed to brighter your day on a regular basis! Here are 5 ways proven ways that can help boost the positivity around you!

  1. 1. Maintain your chill at work.

It’s a natural born fact that a happy person is much more productive than someone who isn’t. Research study (PDF) has shown that people who either watched 10 minutes of funny videos or spent the same amount of time relaxing were happier at work. This just tells us that taking a moment to ourselves and resetting our minds by doing something that brings joy to our lives to break up our work day greatly benefits us mentally, physically and spiritually. Not only that, but it also benefits our work productivity. Boss can’t complain about that!

2. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.

This is a saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before, but the message it conveys is so crucial! There are things in this world that you can control like what time you get up, what show on Netflix you’re going to watch or your kids…to an extent.  Then, there are things you can’t control like the weather, natural disasters or what your parents think of your spouse. If you worry about the things you can’t control, you will never get out from under the worry bus. Just let the things you can’t do anything about, go.

3. Absorb the positive energy from those around you.

It’s true, researchers in the Netherlands proved that humans really transfer negative emotions to each other. Researchers also proved that the same can be done for positive emotions like happiness and joy.

So choose those around you carefully. If you surround yourself with haters and people who generally don’t want to see you do well, chances are high that you’re going to take in all that negatively and it’s going to bring you down. But if you travel in company with positivity as their focus, you’ll find yourself with more confidence and a brighter outlook on life.

4. Invest in your true friendships.

Now we all have people we say are our friends, but how many of them would have your back through the tough times? The ones that would be around even if your situation suddenly took a turn for the worse? Invest more in those friends!

How do you invest more in them? It’s simple, help others know that you love and cherish them. Send your friends a text message to check up on them for no reason whatsoever, a phone call on a birthday or just generally help them out even when they don’t ask you to. And of course, be there for them in good and bad times.

5. Take care of your body.

There have been so many studies that have shown a direct connection between happiness and exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet. This is just fact. A healthy lifestyle makes for a happy person.

Don’t like running or going to the gym, no problem. There are other alternatives to getting in shape. Biking is a good way to get out, travel and exercise at the same time. Doing a 30 minute workout at home every day is also a good choice. Some type of exercise is better than no exercise at all! Your body is your temple, you have to take care of it!

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