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Best Gifts For The Holiday Season. Vol 1

Vol. 1 of 5

Like a good mixtape we’re giving you 5 Volumes of the coolest Gifts from African American Businesses.

Have you ever had trouble buying a gift for someone, thinking to yourself, “What can I get them? They have it all!” That seems to be more than true with the offerings for Big Box Shoppers. The list below covers many different budgets and aspects of today’s select Gift giver. We’ve pulled together Secret Santa, Luxury, Budget, Business-minded and just plain Fun options for those who do it all.

Incorporeal Philosophy Apparel - Patched'n Logo Hoodie

Patched’n Logo Hoodie
by Incorporeal Philosophy

This premium, heavyweight hoodie, Incorporeal Philosophy Apparel has custom prints sewn on both sides. Custom streetwear cut-and-sewn with kindness. Expertly-curated materials. Developed with a mission to help you build a more thoughtful wardrobe. It also includes the Incorporeal Philosophy logo patch. On the inside of the hoodie, you’ll find positive affirmations to get you through your day. This item comes in S-XL sizes. Women’s hoodies have a long crop. Price: $85

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Blaq'd the Brand - Iconic Beard Collection

Iconic Beard Collection
by BLAQ’D the Brand

The Iconic Beard Oil, Iconic Beard Balm, Iconic Foaming Beard Wash, and the Iconic Beard Comb. Iconic Foaming Beard Wash is a Vanilla-scented perfect blend of mild surfactants, aloe vera, vitamin B5, jojoba protein and dead sea salt. Iconic Beard Oil is a Vanilla-scented blend of carrier oils with the purpose of softening, hydrating, and conditioning your beard. Why not get all four? This is your opportunity. Price: $35

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Don’t be ordinary, be NCMPRBL! #AdvanceYourWrist

Don’t be ordinary, be NCMPRBL! #AdvanceYourWrist

NCMPRBL designs watches and fashion accessories inspired by creatives with the sole purpose to #createoverconform!

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Summer Reign - The Warmth Eyeshadow Palette

“The Warmth” Eyeshadow Palette
by Summer Reign

An all natural eye palette with warm colors perfect for any time of the year. Wear this palette for a night out or for your day to day eye color that’s sure to capture your beauty. For Black Friday, 50% off sitewide starting tomorrow using code Shine101 at checkout! Price: $24.50

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"That's the Story of My Life" Book

That’s the Story of My Life
by Stephanie R. Bridges

“That’s the Story of My Life” is a book of short urban tales and other brief offerings perfect for you and the YA Readers in your life. The stories are told through the eyes of male and female characters, young and old, in present day and from the ancestors. All the stories are relatable and at least one or two will make you reflect, “That’s the Story of My Life.” Pre-order your e-book for $2.99. Release Date: January 1, 2020.

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Barry B Fresh
Professional DJ

Personalized digital mixtape for 50% off = $50 (normally $100+).  Provide 5-10 songs to set the mood of your mix and let Fresh work his magic providing a 45 to 60 minute mixtape comprised of your selections along with fitting accompaniments.  Great for holidays, birthdays, celebrations & more.  Give your loved one or team the gift that keeps on giving…the gift of music!

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"Our Perfect Chaos Book" Cover

Our Perfect Chaos
by Tierra Banks

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Tierra was raised by her motherless-mother. After experiencing a broken relationship with her mom, she decided at a young age that she would break that generational cycle. By seeking professional help and spiritual guidance, she discovered that the relationship with her mother was the source of her pain. Getting to the root of the issue, helped Tierra overcome depression, fear of rejection and low self-esteem. Price: $11

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Filmmaker's Toolbox The Ultimate Feature Credit Roll

Filmmaker’s Toolbox: The Ultimate
Feature Credit Roll

The perfect gift for the filmmaker in your life! The Ultimate Feature Film Credit Roll produces professional Hollywood-style results on an indie budget. Whether you are creating a festival Indie or a VOD Blockbuster, Ultimate Feature Film Credit Roll helps you create the final look that ends your story perfectly. Price: $6

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P5 Grant Writing Course

Proposal Writing can be a stressful experience. Do I have all of the documents attached as requested in the proposal? Have I adequately described my programs goals and outcomes? Will I get funded and will it be for the dollar amount that I need? This in-depth workshop provides a framework for writing grants to foundations, government RFP’s and other philanthropic entities. The sessions include developing a needs statement, objectives, evaluation, budgets and more.

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Messiah A Jack Brown Thiller Book

Messiah: A Jack Brown Thriller
By Joddy Eric Matthews

Crime, Murder, Drugs have been eliminated in the Midwestern town of Cleveland, Ohio by a mysterious Ex-CIA operative turned one man army who goes by the name Jack Brown. Jack is a smooth street Hero dealing out justice where needed. But paradise is soon rocked by a new threat called Messiah? Struggling to balance love with a woman he can never have versus protecting a woman that needs his love, Jack must answer this never ending Call to Duty.

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Regardless of what your preference is, this list is sure to wow that special someone in your life! Watch out for Volume 2!

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