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Best Gifts For The Holiday Season. Vol 2

Vol. 2 of 5

We’re back with Vol. 2 and we’ve got another round of awesome gifts from African American Businesses.

The holidays are fast approaching and no matter which specific holiday you’re looking forward to, here are some fantastic gifts that are great for all occasions.

First Sip Brew Box

1st Sip Brew Box

What is in the Box? 1st Sip features a different brewery and fill your box with beer gear, branded glasses, stickers and other amazing swag to build your collection. You’ll also receive a delicious treat that’s hand-picked to pair with your beer or a lifestyle item that’s crafted with malts and hops! Price: $49.99

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Cresent City Monsters Vol 1_2

Crescent City Monsters

Crescent City Monsters is a supernatural action comic book about a New Orleans sorcerer, Jonas, who has a mysterious bounty put on his head. The supernatural bounty and the monsters who are trying to collect the bounty crush Jonas’s life. To gain control of his life, Jonas must find out who put the bounty on his head and why. Price: $7.99

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Derek Sips Bourbon Infused Coffee Beans

Derek Sips
Bourbon Infused Coffee Beans

Hand selected and crafted with a specifically chosen quality bourbon to pair with the flavor profile of a single-origin coffee. The two make a wonderful flavor profile which pair excellently together. Consider this a dessert or special treat coffee…if you generally enjoy the rich, sweet, caramel and vanilla flavors of bourbon, you’ll enjoy this special treat! Price: $25

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ARise360 Promo
The Spot by Voodo Fe

The Spot
by Voodo Fé

The Spot is an exhibit space in Brooklyn, New York that studies the effects of art on mental health. Created by the renaissance artist, Voodo Fé, the Spot functions as a display area for Fe’s Art, Music and Fashion as well as an experiment space where they run test to determine how art can be used to lower stress. Artwork & Clothing is for sale. Come visit The Spot.

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Hoop88Dreams introduces “Roxanne”

Hoop88Dreams introduces “Roxanne”

Classic large gold plated door knocker bamboo earrings. Hoop 88 Dreams is an e-commerce platform that specializes in elevated hoop earrings. This holiday season they’re offering a gift with purchase of $100 or more a free pair of earrings from our collection. Promotion runs for 25 days ending on the first day of Kwanzaa, December 26. #25DaysofHoopDreams
Price: $40

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The Genshai Effect

The Genshai Effect

The word Genshai is a word that awakens us. It means “Never treat anyone in a manner which makes them feel small, including yourself.” Embracing Genshai gives us permission to forgive and be kind to ourselves. Join the movement at www.genshai.com and Welcome to the Genshai Effect!

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Gifting your loved ones one these is sure to make them smile! Stay tuned for Vol. 3!

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December 7, 2019

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