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A Complete Filmmakers Guide to Getting Started in Dolby Atmos

A Dolby Atmos Tutorial

Get started with Dolby Atmos in this hands-on and exciting course for filmmakers. You’ll learn about how to set up the Dolby Atmos Environment for producing your 7.1.4 Film. This includes the Dolby Atmos Renderer, the Authoring Environment, Creating Standard and Custom Beds, and defining your Objects with a See/Point/Do approach to how you approach your Immersive layout.

Class Objective:

  • Create Dolby Atmos Production ready mix
  • Setting up the Dolby Atmos Environment
  • How to listen to a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Mix in Headphones
  • Learn Universal Basics of Dolby Atmos applicable in any DAW
  • Understanding the Dolby Renderer
  • Create Standard and Custom Beds
  • Learn the ADM Authoring Environment
  • Setting up and working with Binaural Outputs
  • Downmixing to 5.1, and Stereo
  • Working with personalized HRTFs (Head Related Transfer Function) for modern Headphone Mixing
  • Professional Sound Templates

Level: Intermediate (some experience working with film sound in an Editor/DAW)

Course Overview: Introduction, (2) Two Lessons, 5.5 Hours Total

This Course is broken into (2) Two Lessons, the first walks you through the Dolby Atmos Environment setup, teaching universal Basics, applicable in almost any Dolby Atmos Production Environment.


The Second Lesson finds us really digging in, building on what we learned in the first lesson, we’ll set up a full scene, using a production-ready Dolby Atmos Template.

I’ve included a Bonus video that covers my Home Build setup, step by step, including pricing and cheats to get the gear and get started even if you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around.

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Dolby Atmos for Indies
  • Pro Templates
  • Buying Tips
  • Studio Setup
  • Project Setup and Standard Bed Creation
  • The Dolby Renderer
  • Authoring Tool – PT 1
  • Authoring Tool – PT 2
  • Binaural Environment Output Routing
  • Adding Assets as Objects (The Manual Way)
  • Adding Assets as Objects (Automatic)
  • Viewing The Levels for Objects
  • Dolby ATMOS Workflow
  • Setting up Dolby ATMOS – Setup Assistant
  • Setting up Dolby ATMOS – Manually – Audio Connections
  • Renderer For Dolby ATMOS Setup -Manually
  • Headphone Mixing: Binaural Environment Output Routing
  • HRTF, Head Tracking, and Binaural Output
  • ATMOS Mixing – Creating Beds
  • Multiple Bed ATMOS Configuration
  • ATMOS Mixing – Creating Objects & Finishing
    BONUS: Includes Dolby Atmos Independent Filmmaker Buying Guide

What’s Included: Instructional Videos, Project Files, PDF

By the end of the course, you as a filmmaker will have clarity of Dolby Atmos as a useful tool for your films and what it takes to max out your audio presentation and take your films to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:05:00
Getting Started FREE 00:00:30
Dolby Atmos for Indies Buying Guide FREE 00:02:00
Dolby Atmos for Independent Filmmakers 00:02:00
Disclaimer (Can be skipped) 00:00:30
Buying Tip 00:00:43
Lesson 01
Lesson 01 Project 01 00:06:00
Studio Setup 00:06:00
Project Setup and Standard Bed Creation 00:18:00
Dolby Renderer 00:13:00
Aurthoring Tool – PT 1 00:14:00
Authoring Tool – PT 2 00:17:00
Binaural Environment Output Routing 00:20:00
Adding Assets as Objects (The Manual Way) 00:17:00
Adding Assets As Objects – (Automatic Method) 00:13:00
FIX – Viewing The Levels For Objects 00:06:00
Lesson 02
Lesson 01 Project 01: Saving Templates and Plugins 00:03:00
Lesson 02 Project 02 Dolby Atmos Workflow 00:12:00
Setup Dolby Atmos Speakers/Environment – The Setup Assistant 00:06:00
Setup Dolby Atmos – (Manually) Audio Connections 00:08:00
Renderer For Dolby Atmos Setup – (Manually) 00:05:00
Binaural Environment Output Routing 00:07:00
HRTF, Head Tracking and Binaural Output 00:20:00
Atmos Mixing – Creating Multiple Beds 00:27:00
Multiple Bed Atmos Configuration 00:12:00
Atmos Mixing – Creating Objects & Finishing 00:36:00
Bonus Video
My 5K Dolby Atmos Home Setup Unlimited

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  1. Great Course!


    This course was very informative! I had a basic knowledge of working in Dolby Atmos before this, but now I feel confident that I can apply this to my own projects in the future. Thank you!

  2. I learned sooo much!


    The Instructor packed a lot of information into this course. I can’t believe it, I working in Dolby Atmos!

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