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What is United In Code?

United In Code is simply a virtual summer learning workshop where CODE meets Creativity.

Made possible by a partnership of The United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland and P5HOVA360, its a place where children can get the crucial headstart they need in learning essential technologies such as Python and C++ Coding. This is done by using fun and familiar cultural totems like Music Lyrics, Poetry and Art.




And the great thing about United In Code is that it doesn’t require fancy computers or a huge cost investment! An Internet connection and any device that can access it works.




Learn to Code Through The Culture You Love!





Our Approach.


The partnership between United Black Fund and P5 I HOVA360 have proven extremely effective throughout the Greater Cleveland area. It's Game Coding and Basic Coding Classes are tested and proven thru rigorous scrutiny and a commitment to providing the very best educational opportunity to our students.

Each course contains a full active forum moderated by our staff and a robust User Group where ideals outside of the classes are encouraged to flourish.





  • Virtual Classes on HOVA360 Platform
  • Youth are grouped by age and coding experience
  • HOVA360 courses are designed to keep students engaged up to 4 days per week
  • Each section features assignments and quizzes. Scores are tracked and reported.
  • Monitored self-paced videos supplement the lectures allowing the student to log-in at any time in order to re-take courseware.
  • Moderated forums are setup for each group allowing Q&A, student interaction.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued upon course completion!




Our Way.


The workshop classes are constructed on the foundation of a STEAM based, real world learning paradigm.  Therefore, the classes are broken into teams which operate as GAME COMPANIES, consisting of team building exercises, interactive learning development using a virtual application environment, basic design principles, leadership and marketing/presentation skills.

Use the things that define who you are, to advance your skills in Coding C++ and Python. United In Code takes lyrics, poetry and phrases you are familiar with and task you to use them in making code!

No more thinking about the phrases or terms, use the things that have shaped your life. 

  • Each Guided Class/Forum will be administrated by an Instructor AND a Moderator
  • Logins are monitored/Student attendance taken by Moderator

All Classes and Forums are available on secure HOVA360 Platform Accessible by Computer, Tablet, iPad or Smartphone (See Below for Technical Requirements)



Topics include:

  • Intro to Python Coding:
  • Game Theory: Life Skills
  • Making a Team: Career Tract
  • The Art of Color and Design: Creativity
  • Ishango Bone - Prime Numbers (Math Game)
  • Intro to C++
  • Making a Baseball Game Pitch: Career Tract
  • Developing Your Game: Career Tract



















Learn Coding Online



Most Coding courses force the student to learn using their methodology. For example the most common starting Phrase in Coding is "Hello World." A simple term and very effective. Though for a majority of youth, specifically people of color and those in public school areas its simplicity can get lost in its vision of an unfamiliar world. An effective launch point needs to bring the student into the simplicity of the action to be performed, not the daunting task of imagining scenarios foreign to many of them. 



CODING: Still I Rise

United In Code takes lyrics, poetry and phrases you are familiar with and ask you to use them in making code! No more thinking about the phrases or terms, use the things that have shaped your life. Below is Angelou’s immortal Still I Rise (3rd Stanza) converted into a simple series of Python code Strings. If you can duplicate this, YOU’VE WRITTEN YOUR FIRST PROGRAM!










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